Paleohydrological extreme events: 
evidences, archives, models, future perspectives”

Dates: 9-14th September 2018

Kis-Tisza Ecocenter, Tiszalök, Hungary

Introduce Small-Tisza Ecocenter

The homepage of Small-Tisza Ecocenter of Tiszalok is intended to briefly describe and illustrate those organized frameworks within which we create opportunity to fulfill our mission. This mission is to show how amazing natural assets are hidden by our immediate environment to as many people as possible.

The Ecocenter creates an opportunity to the extensive exploration and presentation of the flora and fauna of the Tisza, the Bread Factory Backwater, moreover the surrounding areas: this region is the home of unique kinds of plants and animals, numerous species of fish, amphibians, molluscs, aquatic birds and mammals, of which a significant proportion belongs to the protected or highly protected category. A conference room, a research and observation room, an interactive exhibition hall, moreover two training rooms and support units have also been developed in two separate buildings to show you all of these

Please also note that on this webpage bird songs cannot be found, the rustle of reeds or the murmur of the floodplain forest cannot be heard. We have not even tried to “upload” them to here, since the reproduction of all the beauties of the reality around us would have been obviously an impossible task. Rather, we encourage you to come and visit us personally, and allow us to present what we have created: inspired by the unconditional respect and love of nature, the Small-Tisza Ecocenter of Tiszalok.